There are lots of open-air celebrations and bonfires in Barcelona for Sant Joan

The Revetlla de Sant Joan is one of the most traditional popular festivals in the Països Catalans [Catalan countries] . The main features of these celebrations are bonfires, music, dancing and coca tarts. there are a lot of organisations in Barcelona that put on revetlle celebrations in the city’s streets and squares, with orchestras, dancing and, in some cases, bonfires .

Bonfires in city squares and on crossroads are the most spectacular and outstanding feature of the Revetlla de Sant Joan celebrations. After falling off for a time, the number of bonfires is now increasing year after year. A notable feature of Barcelona bonfires is that they are built by local residents and organisations, who bring along old junk to burn. In times gone by, groups of children and teenagers competed to get hold of this flammable material and, if they had to, pinched it from the neighbouring bonfire so they could build a bigger one.

Over twenty bonfires will be burning in Barcelona this year, and almost all of them will be lit by the Canigó Flame. Most of them will be part of a revetlla, or open-air celebration, and there is something for everyone in the city: there are firework shows by diables [devils] in Barceloneta and the Rambla del Poblenou, along with the one in La Marina, which is one of the oldest in the city. There is also a first-timer: the popular Plaça del Sol, in Vila de Gràcia.