Barcelona Contactless

More questions?

  1. What are contactless technologies?

    Contactless technologies allow communication between electronic devices that are not based on physical contact through cables. Devices that are nearby communicate using radio waves through the emitters and receivers incorporated. Amongst the different existing contactless technologies, Barcelona Contactless currently uses NFC and QR.

  2. What is NFC?

    Near Field Communication (NFC) is a standardized technology for short-range wireless communications and high frequency that allows the exchange of data between two nearby devices (transmitter and receiver). The transmitter generates an RF field that powers the receiver. This allows recipients to have simple shapes and sizes, such as tags, stickers, key chains or cards that do not require batteries or power supplies.

    It is based on radio frequency identification (RFID) that uses radio waves to transfer data from a tag or card into a reader that can identify and/or track without the need of any contact between them.

    NFC operates in the frequency band of 13.56 MHz, making no restrictions and does not require any license for use.

  3. How do I use NFC?

    Check if the mobile device has NFC. Normally the option is in the "Connections" section of the device.

    Once activated, one must bring closer the phone, putting the back of the unit

    • plain against the surface where the "nfc" symbol is.
    • centered above the "nfc" symbol.
    • about 2 mm from the surface of the sticker.
  4. How do I read a QR code?

    To read a QR code one must download from the app store, any of the many apps that allow QRs scan (such as QR Droid or Barcode Scanner).

    From there, when identified a QR, one must open the app, focus the QR until a "beep" sounds. Immediately on the mobile device will be executed the action that is programmed in the QR.

  5. How does the process of connecting to the service work?

    To access Contactless Barcelona the user must have a device connected to the Internet. Currently there are two ways of access, through the NFC and QR technologies. In both cases, the user must tap or scan its corresponding label and automatically a browser is opened displaying the web mobile of Barcelona Contactless platform.

  6. Must I register with a user name or password?

    To use the service Contactless Barcelona does not require prior registration or authentication.

  7. It is a free service?

    The Proximity Information Service of Barcelona Contactless is free of charge. However, the cost of connection and internet browsing varies depending on the offer signed by the mobile operator of the users.

  8. What are the opening hours of service?

    Access times and Barcelona Contactless operation are 24 hours, 365 days a year.

  9. Is it safe to use?

    The data exchanged with the initial domain are safe, but once you access third party websites, the onus is on the final domain. It is recommended, therefore, that when you exchange sensitive information over the network you make sure that the other end is reliable and if your communication required your details stay safe online. 

  10. Who do I contact if I have a problem?

    For questions, queries and/or clarification on any aspect of the initiative Barcelona Contactless, you can contact us via the internet at the following mailbox: