Barcelona Contactless

Know about Barcelona Contactless


What is Barcelona Contactless?

Barcelona Contactless is a comprehensive, cross-city program that provides local information. From the various access points spread over the city, and through different contactless technologies, the user accesses a web-mobile that displays specific information about the precise time and place the user is: a window of the virtual Barcelona through the physical one.

Barcelona Contactless is an initiative promoted by the Barcelona City Council, being centrally managed by the Direction of Citizen Information and Advice along with the Municipal Institute of Information Technology. It involves different actors across the city, both from the Administration and the private sector.


Barcelona, Smart City

With more than 2,000 years of history and a singular identity, Barcelona has always been characterised by its spirit of innovation, enterprise and nonconformity. A characteristic that has led it to become a pioneer in terms of putting into practice the idea of the Smart City.

Thanks to a transversal strategy based on a long-term projection of urban transformation, Barcelona is considered to be the top smart city in Spain and the fourth in Europe.

Barcelona has a vision of the city it wants to become: self-sufficient, with productive neighbourhoods, living at a human speed and producing zero emissions. A productive, open, inclusive and innovative city; a living city with enterprising people and organised communities.

This vision includes projects from a wide range of areas, which by working together and integrating technology and innovation aim to ensure that the city's residents benefit from a better quality of life and economic growth: this is achieved through more efficient management of the city's services and resources.