Barcelona Contactless

How does it work

  1. Where can I access it from?

    The complete updated list of access points can be found on the Barcelona Contactless map.

    Any equipment, point of service, point of information, commercial or tourist establishment... whether public or private, within the city of Barcelona, ​​may be a candidate as a Barcelona Contactless access point.

  2. How can I identify the Barcelona Contactless hotspot in a municipal amenity?

    Both equipment and/or services forming part of Barcelona Contactless are identified by a common symbology presented in different formats and media to suit the characteristics and plurality of each space. In all cases, there is established an integrative framework that includes:


  3. Which IT devices can I use to connect?

    To access Barcelona Contactless you must have a device connected to the Internet. Currently there are two access ways: through the NFC (Near Field Communications) or QR (Quick Responsive Code) technologies. In any case it is necessary some kind of authentication.

    Requirements devices:

    • For the first case (NFC), it is necessary to have a device that can read NFC tags, which automatically connects to the Barcelona Contactless web-mobile.
    • For the second case (QR), it is necessary to have an application that can scan QR codes. After the reading, the device connects to the Barcelona Contactless web-mobile.
    • The device must have a common web browser (Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.).
  4. What can I consult?

    Barcelona Contactless offers local information services regarding the concrete location and time the user accesses the platform. Depending on the item, one can visualise information on the equipment/service itself, information from other facilities/services nearby, and related agenda, download related mobile applications (apps), to look up cross-check events in the city, among others.

    Keep in mind that the information and images come directly from the databases of their owners and/or managers, so the Barcelona City Council is not responsible for the accuracy of this information that may come from third parties.

  5. How can I contact Barcelona Contactless?

    For questions, queries and/or clarifications on any aspect related to the Contactless Barcelona initiative please contact us via the internet at the following mailbox: