Barcelona’s Climate Commitment

Barcelona is a city with a long tradition in fighting against climate change. It has launched a number of planning initiatives since 2002 aimed at reducing greenhouse-effect gas emissions, increasing the generation of renewable and local energies and, more recently, adapting to the expected impact.

Examples include the signing of various international commitments and the creation of our own, such as the Byelaw on Solar Thermal Energy, the 2011-2020 Plan for Energy, Climate Change and Air Quality and a long list of others that have shaped the “city's sustainability road map”.

All these policies are enshrined in the 2012-2022 Citizen Commitment to Sustainability (which grew out of the global Agenda 21 movement), a benchmark framework with strategic values and inspiring goals that highlights the firm interest of Barcelona’s citizen organisations in assuming responsibilities and contributing their criteria, creativity and strength, through participatory processes, towards joint progress in tackling climate change.

This Commitment is not merely a working framework, it is also a space for reflection and debate on the city’s challenges which strengthens democracy and co-responsibility. With over 800 signatory organisations, including businesses, associations, schools and Barcelona City Council itself, it demonstrates a determination to ensure ongoing networking to transform and build a vision of a shared future. The signatories accept the Commitment’s goals and principles, and pledge to implement specific initiatives in their fields of action.

The network of Commitment signatories resolved to take a further step at the COP 21 held in Paris by setting themselves ambitious alleviation and adaptation goals and specifying short- and long-term actions for achieving them. These goals and projects are brought together in the Barcelona Climate Commitment and in a whole series of specific initiatives and projects that are fully explained on this website.

The commitments it relies on

One of the 10 lines of action that feature in the Citizen Commitment to Sustainability is a pledge to maintain the city’s position with regard to its commitment to sustainability on an international scale, and promoting and leading sustainable policies in the Mediterranean area in particular.

That is why the City Council has signed several international commitments to tackle climate change: