One of the citizen commitment’s lines of action for sustainability linked to climate change is to move towards a responsible and transforming form of consumption that drives a pluralistic economy under personal, social and ecological sustainability criteria that improve people's quality of life.

Consumption is one of the key areas, as we have the tools for transforming the economy and achieving a rational use of resources through local produce and seasonal food, less use of water and energy in manufacturing, and giving products a second life through renovation and reuse.

We want to go from a consumer society to one of responsible consumption.

Similarly, one of Barcelona’s environmental goals, expressed in the municipal action programmes and Barcelona’s Citizen Commitment to Sustainability, is to reduce water consumption and make progress in using it efficiently, in active collaboration with all the sectors involved.

According to data on mains-water consumption in Barcelona, the city consumes 21 million m3 less than it did fifteen years ago, with a substantial reduction in domestic consumption (11 million m3 less, or 27.37 litres less per resident/per day, compared to 1999), in commercial and industrial consumption (19 million m3 less) and in municipal service consumption (2.88 million m3 less), the sector that has seen a greater reduction, due both to improved efficiency in water us and to the use of alternative water resources, mainly ground water.

Even so, if we are to use water rationally and sustainably, we need to take care of the finer details, especially in domestic consumption, which can help us: reducing the volume of water discharge (putting a full bottle in the tank or installing a double push-button switch); having a shower instead of a bath (up to 70% savings in water); turning off taps whenever you can; filling washing machines and dishwashers to the full (you will also save on electricity); re-using the water you clean your fruit and vegetables with for watering plants; and fixing taps or small leaks of water as soon as you spot them.