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Commerce Association
C/ Giralt en Pellicer, 16
Open from 08:30h to 20:30h Monday to Saturday.

Former tight with more than eighty years in the neighborhood, where you can find smoking articles, soft drinks, tobacco, candy, Catalan Lottery, lottery tickets ONCE, DHL services, money transfers via Western Union.

Commerce Association
C/Argenteria, 19
Open from 09:00h to 20:00h from Monday to Friday. Saturday from 10:00h a 14:00h.

Alongside the Via Laietana you will find a lot of smoking articles, stamps, cards transport, souvenirs.

Commerce Association
C/ Boria, 24
Open Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 14:00h and 16:30 to 20:30h. Saturday from 12:00 to 15:00h and 16:30 to 20:30h.

Femenin cloti¡hing and complements shop. Vintage and elegant style.

C/ Argentería, 25
Open from 10:00h to 19:00h from Monday to Saturday.

Norvet is a leading property development company based in Barcelona, Spain. They restore and develop unique buildings of uncompromising quality in Barcelona’s most interesting locations. Every project is focused on remaining true to the character of the city and delivering value to their customers.

C/Blanqueria, 14
Open from 12:00h to 15:00h and 17:00h to 21:00h from Monday to Saturday.

decoration and 3D printing, logos, gift items, corporate events, prototypes, costume jewelery, design and customization of pieces. Preparation of molds and busts.

C/Montcada, 2
Open from 11:00h to 14:00 and 15:00 to 21:00 from Monday to Saturday. Sunday from 14:00h to 19:00h.

Specialized trade in the sale of smoking accessories, seeds of cannabis and shishas (cachimbas).

Via Laietana, 46
Open from 09:00h to 21:00h from Monday to Friday. Saturday from 09:00h to 20:00h.

Tobacconist with products for the smoker, tobacco of different brands, cold drinks and souvenirs and memories of the city.

Plaça Palau, 3
SUMMER: Open from 09:30h to 14:00h and 14:30h to 20:00h Monday to Friday. Saturday from 10:00h to 14:00h. WINTER: Open from 09:30h to 20:00h Monday to Friday. Saturday from 10:00h to 14:00h..

This central Lottery reserves for Christmas. It is the third generation of lottery vendors on this place.

Plaçeta Montcada, 6
Open from 10:00h to 20:00h from Monday to Saturday.

The tobacconist located 50 meters from the Picasso Museum where you can purchase smoker articles, stamps and all kinds of souvenirs and designer items from Barcelona.