Barcelona brand

© Sagar Forniés

Barcelona –the third tourist destination in continental flights– is one of the cities with the best global reputation, as endorsed by the main indexes and rankings. Nevertheless, the Barcelona brand runs the risk of being trapped in a stereotypical image, focused on tourism and dependent on the work of a few geniuses such as Gaudí and Picasso rather than on a real capacity to inspire and generate new business initiatives and on its creative power in all areas. The good brand of the Catalan capital is undoubtedly a major source of prestige and income, but it could also herald a reduction in its great productive diversity to the exclusive benefit of the tourist sector.

Barcelona is ultimately the sum of many Barcelonas. Now the times are calling for it to leverage its wealth to improve its international positioning, without losing its identity.

We have invited a geographer, a writer, a poet, a brand consultant, an entrepreneur, an economist and a linguist to give us their take on the past, present and future of the Barcelona brand.

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