Foto: Vicente Zambrano

The right to the city

Barcelona Metròpolis

The right to the city is not about the right to live in one, which is obviously anyone’s right, but about the ability of those who already form part of the urban fabric to access basic services and a shared public space.

Isabelle Anguelovski. Foto: Pere Virgili

The creation of city parks, green belts and ecological corridors in urban neighbourhoods attracts upmarket estate agencies and new residents with more purchasing power than longstanding residents. The rise in housing prices pushes the original population out: a frustrating phenomenon known as “green gentrification”.

Foto: Audouard / Fondo Granados del Museu de la Música

As a renowned composer of piano pieces, an acclaimed performer and an educator who created his own school, Enric Granados was deeply involved in the movements that laid the foundations for Barcelona’s solid musical culture.

Foto: Vicente Zambrano

For months, the world of architecture has been discussing the challenges it faces at a time when, according to the Dean of the COAC, cities are the major instrument of change. Catalonia’s Architecture Congress 2016 has been held twenty years after the previous edition, remembered for its 14,000 visitors, the “Barcelona model” and the “star system”: examples of what not to do.

Foto: Dani Codina

Plans for Barcelona’s nightlife

Barcelona Metròpolis

() L’Ajuntament va aprovar fa uns mesos un nou marc normatiu per permetre a bars, cafeteries i restaurants programar música amplificada en directe sempre que s’atinguin a uns requisits de seguretat i a un control estricte del nivell sonor. És l’avançament d’un ambiciós pla per impulsar el circuit de la música en viu de petit format, a partir del reconeixement del valor cultural i social d’aquesta oferta de lleure.

Il·lustració: Patossa

Barcelona’s municipal government is working on various ways to provide citizens with greater access to information on public affairs as the basis for boosting public involvement in their management. The establishment of the Office for Transparency and Good Practices, the Ethical mailbox and the Transparency web portal are some of the actions that have been taken for that purpose.

Foto: Carme Garcia Navarro

Society is demanding more democratic, transparent and participative government. A key factor in policies of transparency and good governance is giving the public access to the documents kept and managed by the public archives.

Foto: Pere Virgili

Loretta Napoleoni, one of the world’s leading experts on terrorism, believes that Islamic State is here to stay and that we have no option but to negotiate on a political level. In October, this analyst took part in the lecture series “D.O. Europa” at El Born.

Barcelona infraroja. La ciutat encantada

Photographic dreams of Barcelona

Josep Maria Cortina

As its title implies (Infrared Barcelona. The enchanted city), it is a compilation of 170 photographs taken with analogue film, which picks up infrared light that is invisible to the naked eye.

La ciutat trasbalsada. Ròmul Brotons i Segarra

This book presents the turbulent history of the first ten years of the 20th century, which were to guide Barcelona into the modern age.

Escenes barcelonines. Emili Vilanova

Don’t look for any gossip in this book, as what you will find is the humble day-to-day muted routine of the inhabitants of the Barcelona of his time, the second half of the 19th century.