Weekend: A string of crimes to solve!

Thu, 01/26/2017 - 08:05

Leisure. The ninth edition of Barcelona’s crime writing festival, BCNegra, features over sixty authors.

A new edition of Barcelona’s crime writing festival, BCNegra, features over sixty authors. In Gràcia the Foguerons de Sa Pobla tradition is back, uniting the people of the Balearic Islands and Barcelona via fire and popular culture. Short films are also on the agenda, with the festival ‘La mida no importa’ in the Raval neighbourhood.

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Manuel Vázquez-Montalbán and his literary character Pepe Carvalho are the central figures for this new edition of BCNegra, which comes packed with authors, talks and acts based around crime and mystery novels. The twelfth edition, from 26 January to 4 February, includes an exhibition on Carvalho at the Jaume Fuster library, as well as the Pepe Carvalho award and a homage to the detective on 1 February to mark 40 years since the publication of La soledad del manager.

The event also has a special place for the Semana Negra in Gijón, a pioneering festival in the genre which this year marks its 30th anniversary. Over sixty local and international authors will be present at BCNegra, such as John Connolly, Arnaldur Indridason, Dolores Redondo, Lorenzo Silva, Sergio Vila-Sanjuán, Carlos Zanón, Toni Hill, Rosa Ribas and David C. Hall, who will all be taking part in some of the activities being organised.

25 years of the Foguerons de Sa Pobla

Once again this year the district of Gràcia brings a taste of the Balearic Islands to Barcelona with the tradition of the Foguerons de Sa Pobla. This year marks a quarter of a century since the celebration first took to the streets of the Vila de Gràcia neighbourhood, and as ever it involves fire, music, gastronomy and bags of popular culture.

The main activities are programmed for Saturday, 28 January. In Pl. Diamant the traditional Festa de Sa Ximbomba de Sa Pobla will be held, and there will also be performances from Majorcan glosador folk singers, choral singing from the Cors de Carxofa de Catalunya, and Majorcan xeremia pipe players. In Pl. Vireina, bonfires will be lit and at 9.30 pm the revelry begins, with devils, ximbomba friction drums and traditional singing. As from 11 pm there will be a popular dance.

‘La mida no importa’

This festival of short films is on in the Raval neighbourhood from 26 to 28 January. This year the event goes into its fifth edition with 45 pre-selected short films from 16 different countries. The films are from different genres and use different formats to speak about human experiences and relationships and the interaction of cultural values.

The screenings are free and take place at the Ateneu del Raval and the Meier auditorium at the MACBA. ‘La mida no importa’ is jointly organised by the Folch i Torres community centre, the Fundació Tot Raval, the Associació SLOWCUrT and Raval Cultural.