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Legal disclaimer

The City Council, through this website:

1- Looking provide updated information and quality.

The information is disseminated through this site is accurate at the time of publication and will be updated as quickly as possible.

The updated information provided by third parties is the responsibility of the person or entity provider. The City Council shall ensure that providers update this information and ensure compliance under current law.

The aim is that the information disseminated is complete, truthful, accurate, useful and accessible and meets the quality requirements stipulated by law.

2- Allows to access it regardless of the technological option of the users, particularly using technologies based on open standards.

3- Ensure the safety and protection of personal data.

4- follows a policy of cookies respectful of privacy.

5- allows and encourages the reuse of the information disseminated within the limits that this notice provides that the legislation imposes.

The City Council allows reusing all data and information disseminated through this website, if not otherwise noted, the following conditions:

- Do not alter the content of the information.

- Do not distort the meaning of information.

- Mention the source of the information.

- Indicate the date of the last update of the information.

- Not to imply that the Council is sponsoring or supporting activities in which reuses information.

In all cases, the ability to reuse information is limited by the need to protect other rights, interests or property in accordance with the current legislation provides. In particular, any act of reusing the information contained in this web should ensure the protection of the intellectual property regime and the regime of protection of personal data. Specifically, the reuse of works and services protected by intellectual property regime is subject to the terms of the license intellectual property has been established in each case (see "Intellectual property "). It is prohibited to reuse works and which has indicated reserves of intellectual property rights.

6- protects intellectual property and industrial fosters open licenses.

The City Council owns the intellectual property rights of works and services that make up this website or on the assignment is in use. This includes graphic design and software of this site as well as text, images and recordings contained therein. The reproduction, distribution, public communication or transformation of these works and services beyond the activities directly authorized by the copyright law requires the permission of the owner.

The trademarks, trade names and logos appearing on this website may be protected by intellectual property regimes and belong to their respective owners. In use is prohibited not have authorization from the owner or is not covered by the law.

If any citizen considered that this site or its content is the infringement of any intellectual property right, it must notify the City your name, ownership rights (providing testing or accreditation) and the object of the right allegedly infringed.

7. Present in different social networks and platforms

The Council is present in social networks and platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or LinkedIn Issuu. When you access any of these or other networks have to take into account the conditions of use are applicable to each platform has established, which are not determined by the Council.

8- fits the legal framework in force regarding responsibility for the contents.

The City assumes, in accordance with current legislation, responsibility for the contents of this website which have been produced by the same council. As for the contents provided by users and third, there are application exclusions of liability set out in Articles 13 to 17 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, services of the information society and commerce e. In particular, with respect to the contents linked disclaimer applies to Article 17 of the aforementioned law.

The Town Council unresponsive misuse that users can do from your web site. Nor is responsible for the access difficulties that may be accessing the portal or malfunction that this is attributable to fault the Council.