The sweet festival comes back to Gracia!

On March 3rd the Gracias’ neighbourhood will fill with party and candies with the Saint Medir's traditional parade.

Wed, 23/02/2011 - 13:21

Author: Barcelona Cultura

Every year, on March 3rd, the Romeros tuck the way to the hermitage of Saint Medir placed in Collserola, which makes a solemn Mass in honour of the saint. In the afternoon, 27 groups of Gracia, Sarrià and -La Bordeta, will join in a big parade in the Gran de Gracia street filling the neighbourhood of candies to its step.

According to the tradition, Saint Medir (or Sant Emeterio) was a Catalan peasant who was living about the year 303 in Gausac's valley, in Collserola, in the territory of Saint Cugat del Vallès.

During Diocleciano's Roman domain, Christians were chased by the whole Roman Empire, among others Sever, bishop of Barcelona. Chased by the Romans, he fled for the former way of Barcino (Barcelona) towards Castrum Octavianum (Sant Cugat). In Gausac's valley, he was in spite of Medir planting beans on his fields near the way. The bishop explained to him the motive of his flight and, determined to die for the faith of Jesus Christ, asked him if they were asking for him, to answer them with the truth. When Sever left, the seeds of the beans, miraculously, grew and bloomed as if already they were going months planted. 

Soon after, the Roman persecutors, when they found Medir, asked by the bishop and he responded with the truth: that while he planted the beans, the bishop had passed. The Romans thought that Medir mocked and protected the bishop, so he was taken prisoner and, when captured Sever, the two martyred, slaying Saint Medir.

Over time, the place where Saint Medir had been the fields in Collserola, a chapel was built. Nearby, there is still an area known as Miracle Field, which is said to bean field where Sever made them grow in a miraculous way.

Around 1830, a baker and pastry chef of Gracia’s neighbourhood fell seriously ill. The man had a great devotion to Saint Medir, and knew his history, and promised the saint that if he was cured, would go on pilgrimage to the shrine riding a donkey and make possible for everyone in the village and also found out had great devotion. The fact is that the baker was cured, and when it was March 3rd, which is Saint Medir festival, prepared to fulfil the promise.

 According to legend, this is the origin of the pilgrimage is held every year in the Vila de Gracia and outputting everyone on the street. On March 3rd, escape you to Gracia and enjoy the sweet holiday par excellence!


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