The young talent Andrea Motis is seen in the world of jazz

The record 'Joan Chamorro presents Andrea Motis' goes out to the sale, a gift for the most exquisite audience.


Andrea Motis, who is only fifteen, stands out as one of the main trumpet players and saxophonists in the world of the jazz in the city. But not only this, together with Joan Chamorro, a musician with a successful background, has also revealed herself as an excellent singer who manages to thrill to every note that comes from within.

Precisely, Chamorro conducts the Sant Andreu Jazz Band, the youngest band in Europe, born in the Sant Andreu’s Municipal School of Music, in 2006. In his job as music teacher, he was the one who discovered in the pupil Andrea Motis to the whole new promise of the vocal jazz.

Now, under the leadership of Joan Chamorro, an album has been published where the young star Andrea Motis protagonists a good demonstration of the new Catalan jazz talents. With the name Joan Chamorro presenta Andrea Motis, the disc comes a year after been published by the Sant Andreu Jazz Band.

The selection of songs chosen includes over an hour of classic jazz of the first half of the twentieth century, although there are forays into bossa nova. In this recording of standards, among others accompany, there are Ignasi Terraza, Bobby Gordon and David Mengual.

Do not lose the opportunity to follow them, especially Andrea Motis, who promises to be very successful at the jazz scene. Many people have compared her voice to Norah Jones. Discover them!


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Andrea Motis

Have been following her on this fan page!!! She is Amazing world class talent!!!

Accidental Encounter

I accidentally heard Andrea on YouTube one night and was immediately hooked on her amazing talent. Since I was suffering from insomnia I spent nights listening to her music, also the Sant Andreu Jazz Band and the other talented young jazz artists formed by Joan Chamorro (bless him). It stopped me from going crazy and a much better alternative than sleeping pills. I would like to buy all their albums most of which are CDs. Are there any DVDs, and does anyone know the dates and places of Andrea's concerts in the future?

Barcelona Cultura

Good afternoon,
Barcelona Cultura promotes Barcelona's cultural activity. However, for further information about Andrea Motis & Joan Chamorro you can check their website:
Yours Sincerely,
Barcelona Cultura

Andrea Motis

I didn't Know there were still young people playing music instead of just making noise. I didn't think there were young people singing instead of shouting and calling it music. There is hope for the world and music if this beautiful young woman is given a chance to return us to some CLASSY MUSIC. B.J. Pittsley

...really are

...really are truly blessed, i should say!!!!keep up the super blowing, both trumpet and sax...and your voice, too, is cool....just love you..n wud like to wish you all the best for your future

andrea motis

Has Andrea been invited to play in North America? If not, why not?


Andrea Motis

Do you know online site offering Andrea's CD/DVD concerts?


what a lovely v oice . you

what a lovely v oice . you have a lot of talent , I love your rendishon My baby just cares for me great cheers Jazz trombone

Best wishes Andrea!

The write-up about Andrea Motis was really interesting and the skills and quality of music this young guy produces is really mesmerizing. The young talents like Andrea must be promoted more. Keep posting more of these sought of music updates in future also. Good job! 


Andrea Motis hat auf mich eine große Eindruck gemacht. Schreibe auf Deutsch obwohl selbst bin ich aus Russland.

Jazz Picnic 2013

What a fantastic session . I was blown away by your talent.I'm sure your Jazz Future will be very fruitful.Thanks again ,Esmond -( Catajazz )

Andrea Motis

This girl is a superstar. I knew she was pretty young - but fifteen?!? I play along with the group (bass) and she knocks me out on every cut.

noia, ets una artista

Guapíssima i amb un gran talent. Sens dubte, una estrella del JAZZ!

Genial, genial, genial. Ha

Genial, genial, genial. Ha nacido un mito. Es una gran suerte escucharla y oír le tocar. Gracias, Andrea.

Bonjour J'ai 22 ans et suis


J'ai 22 ans et suis amateur de jazz depuis mes 16 ans. Je suis batteur depuis l'age de 14 ans.
Etant un adepte des concerts (environs une quarantaines), en tant que spectateur, lors de mes études j'ai eu la chance de partir 3 mois l'an dernier à Barcelone, une ville que je connais depuis mon enfance. Je ne pouvais pas rester trois mois sans aller voir de concerts. Alors j'ai eu l'occasion de voir Jojo Meyer, Chucho Valdes, Ruben Blades et également au détour d'un petit club de jazz Andrea Motis et Joan Chamorro ! Lorsque je suis rentré dans le club, ca voix sonnait d'une façon si particulière, je ne m'attendais pas du tout à voir une jeune fille sur scène ! J'ai vraiment été impressionné par sa performance, notamment la faculté qu'elle a de jouer du saxophone et de la trompette.
J'ai eu l'occasion de discuter avec leur guitariste qui ma affirmer que malgré ces 16ans, c'est elle qui c'était tournée vers le jazz et qu'elle avait beaucoup de talent comparé aux autres élèves de Joan Chamorro.
J'ai donc acheté sont album qui n'ai pas vendu en France, et je l'écoute très régulièrement et essais de la faire découvrir à toutes mes connaissance dans le monde du jazz.
Je pense qu'on pourra la voir sur scène à Paris dans quelques années.

Si vous voulez acheter son album :

Paris, Duc Des Lombards 17, 18 et 19 septembre 2014

Après la visite de Le Caveau de la Huchette de l'an dernier ( # comments) cette année le Duc des Lombards . Le 17, 18 et 19 Septembre.

Merci à tous.

two nights only 18 and 19

We saw them perform last night at duc des lombards.
All my wife and i can say is woooowww.
We are listening right now to their album feeling good., which we bought online from amazon and downloaded. Bingo they are in our living room.
If you can see them tonight 20 or 22. But, I think the concerts are both sold out.
Gerry and Marilyn.
Come to Chicago and play for us when we get home.

écouter la musique et acheter aussi

vous pouvez écouter toute sa musique et acheter aussi ses albums a


Me gustaria saber las posibilidades de contratar a Andrea con o sin San Adreu Jazz Band, para verano del 2012 en un poliesportivo de una Urbanización en la >Costa Brava

andrea motis

splendid ... i feel like i be in New Orleans ... thank's Andrea !!!

andrea motis

para contratacion Andrea Motis
620572673 o

Andrea Motis

Tengo el disco de Joan Chamorro presenta andrea motis y me ha gustado mucho.
Quisiera si es posible, conseguir la letra en inglés de las canciones.
También me gustaría saber si andrea ha sacado algún otro disco
Muchas gracias
Un Andreuenc

big talent, beaufilul girl

big talent, beaufilul girl witt a voice of an angel

By accident I found this

By accident I found this musical young lady, by choice I am hooked to her performing. Great, what more can I say.

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