Rastas and reggae to remember Bob Marley

The Auditori commemorates the 30th anniversary of his death with a show leaded by Natxo Tarrés & The Wireless.


On May 11th 1981, one of the essential musical myths of the twentieth century disappeared. 30 years ago Bob Marley's voice went out but his songs, his lifestyle, his devotion to the Rastafarian world still remains. Together with his band, The Wailers, reggae icon have loyal fans worldwide.

To commemorate the anniversary of the death of Jamaican singer, the Auditori of Barcelona presents, on May 13th at 9.30 p.m., the show Marley, 30 years, a musical proposal led by the singer and composer Natxo Tarrés (Gossos). The musician from Manresa will be accompanied at the stage y a deluxe band, the Wireless, formed by Roger Farré (Gossos), Dídac Fernàndez and Fernando Tejero (Macaco), Ritxi Dieguez and Damià Olivella.

The show Marley, 30 years tries to recall biographical and visually, to the reggae rhythm, Marley's life with songs like Is This Love, No Woman No Cry and Could you be loved, among others.

Marley, 30 years is a proposal for all ages that will let you to discover a spiritual music full of energy, both for those who knew him and followed him in his time, and for young people who have also taken up his music.



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