“The eternal banquet: food in Ancient Egypt”

The Egyptian Museum of Barcelona offers you a guided tour including a tasting of that civilization’s gastronomy.


Every Wednesday until September 28th you have the opportunity to take part in this activity which consists of learning about egyptian gastronomy and their habits in this regard.

You will learn how the kitchen, the table and the daily life of the pharaohs were, thanks to Doctor Gemma Castro, specialist in Pharaonic gastronomy, and Núria Castro, egyptologist and expert in the daily life in Ancient Egypt. Both will guide you through a thematic tour around the Egyptian Museum’s rooms and will show you this not-so known aspect of the fascinating Egyptian culture.

They will also tell you about the secrets of that period’s diet and culinary art, and if you get hungry after learning about all these things (after all the tours start at 8.30 p.m. and take 1 hour) don’t worry, because these tours are not only about theory, but also about practice, consisting of the tasting of several dishes inspired by those times and places, but adapted to the contemporary cuisine and accompanied by good music in the museum’s terrace.

White lupins, hummus, fresh figs with duck ham and stuffed dates are just some of the dishes that will transport you, gastronomically speaking, thousands of years back in time, with the characteristic scientific thoroughless of the Egyptian Museum of Barcelona, located in 284 Valencia Street of Barcelona.

If you want to attend “The eternal banquet: food in Ancient Egypt”, which is two hours long, you should book your participation by calling 93 488 01 88.


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