The second edition of the European Creativity Festival is held in Disseny Hub Barcelona

From 15 to 17 October 2015 the best creativity is concentrated in Barcelona, in three days of conferences, exhibitions, workshops and design awards

The European Creativity Festival (Festival Europeu de la Creativitat) has as main premises stimulation, inspiration and motivation.

This annual event, organized by the Art Directors Club of Europe - ADCE, aims to celebrate and recognize creative excellence. 2nd European Creativity Festival gathers from October 15 to October 17 in the Design Hub Barcelona the most creative, innovative and inspiring personalities from all over Europe. These three enriching days of conferences, lectures, exhibitions, demonstrations, and networking become a meeting point to share the vision and experience of the creative industry. In addition, the winners of the 24th edition of one of the awards most prestigious design and advertising in Europe will be known, the Best of European Design and Advertising Awards.

The festival is divided into activities around different themes and formats:

Conversations, with some of the most highly awarded and recognized names in Europe, which will provide an invaluable insight into how creativity incites change.

ACDE awards, with the celebration of the 24th Festival Best of European Design and Advertising Awards, a unique competition in which only the creative work that has been awarded in one of the most prestigious European events locally is involved. That is why these awards are known as the "Champions League of creativity".

High Potentials Session, bringing together a selection of the best young talents, teachers and industry elite to discover and shape together tomorrow's ideas.

Exhibitions, attendees can enjoy a street art mural on the outdoor terrace of the building Design Hub, or contemplate Florian Mehnert making an impressive art-installation live performance, among many other samples of talent. All exhibits will be free access during the days of the festival.


2nd European Creativity Festival
Days 15 to 17 October
Location: Barcelona Design Hub
Price: 60 € (general admission, 2 days) - 20 € (students). Check website for prices
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El festival es divideix en activitats al voltant de diferents eixos temàtics i formats:

Converses, amb alguns dels noms més altament premiats i reconeguts d'Europa, que oferiran una visió inestimable sobre com la creativitat incita al canvi.

Premis ACDE, amb la celebració al festival del 24th Best of European Design and Advertising Awards, una competició única on participa únicament el treball creatiu que ha estat premiat en algun dels més prestigiosos certàmens europeus a nivell local. Aquesta és la raó per la qual aquests premis es coneixen com la "Champions League de la creativitat".

High potentials Session, que reunirà una selecció dels millors talents joves, professors i l'elit de la indústria per descobrir i donar forma junts a les idees del demà.

Exposicions, els assistents podran gaudir d'un mural de street art a la terrassa exterior de l'edifici Disseny Hub, o contemplar a Florian Mehnert realitzant una impressionant instal·lació artística-performance en directe, entre moltes altres mostres de talent. Totes les exposicions seran, durant les jornades del festival, d'accés gratuït sense necessitat d'entrada.


2nd European Creativity Festival
Dies: 15 al 17 d'octubre
Lloc: Disseny Hub Barcelona
Preu: 60 € (entrada general, 2 dies) - 20 € (estudiants). Consultar web per a veure més preus específics.
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Publication date: Thursday, 15 October 2015
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