The Tres Tombs cavalcade

Horses, music and fire in a cycle of festivities for the patron saint of animals

Tres tombs, Porkada del Clot and the opening of the Tradicionarius festival are some of the highlights.

The feast day of Sant Antoni Abat is scheduled for 17 January, but in Barcelona the festivities related to the patron saint of animals extend to the whole of the month. The Tres Tombs cavalcade, which will be celebrated on Saturday 20 January this year, is sure to be among the most popular events. The entourage will set out from the Sant Antoni neighborhood at 11am and end up at Plaça de Sant Jaume, after calling in at streets of Floridablanca, Viladomat, Parliament, Ronda de Sant Pau, Comte d'Urgell, Tamarit, Villarroel, Floridablanca, Ronda de Sant Antoni, Plaça de la Universitat, Pelai, Rambla Avall, Rambla Amunt, Ferran. On the morning of the same day, there will be live music by the group La Málaga in Plaça de Sant Jaume, and you can get a free taste of the cake known as tortell de Sant Antoni. The Tres Tombs cavalcade is celebrating its 193rd edition this year!

The Tres Tombs parade will take place in the Sant Andreu de Palomar neighbourhood a few days before that, on 14 January, and the night before will see the Three Inferno Tombs of Sant Andreu, an event that starts with the traditional legend of Sant Antoni Abat and updates it with a theatrical performance that varies every year. Firework and fire enthusiasts will be delighted by a three part running fire parade with beasts, bonfires and demons.

Changing neighbourhoods, but sticking with the fire motif, 20 January sees the celebration of the Porkada del Clot, a festivity that starts with a tapas route, continues with a running fire parade featuring pig-related animal figures and finalizes with an evening of tapas made from pork.

The Foguerons de Sant Antoni from Sa Pobla de Gràcia, from 25 to 27 January, will serve to close the cycle. This is a tradition that was imported from Majorca more than a quarter of a century ago and includes bonfires, dances, poetry and Majorcan demon figures.

These days also see the celebration of the Festa Major of the Sant Antoni district, with acts from 12 to 21 January, which include the opening of the Tradicionàrius music festival on 12 January at the Tradicionàrius Crafts Center, with an exhibition, a walk through the streets of Gràcia and a concert by Quico el Célio, El Chico and Mut de Ferreries.

For additional information check out the following link.

Publication date: Friday, 05 January 2018
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