"In Residence" creators bring their art to secondary schools

For the sixth year running the project brings secondary school students into contact with contemporary artists and generates new forms and contexts for creation

For the past six years the In Residence project has been bringing numerous secondary schools in the city in contact with artists of all disciplines. The artists attempt to establish an ongoing dialogue with the students while they create their respective pieces over the course of the academic year, thereby stimulating the students’ creativity and capacity for innovation. 

Each creator devises a personal artistic project that is to be developed in conjunction with a class of secondary students who participate in the conception and realisation of the piece throughout the course of the academic year and within school hours. In previous editions the programme, organised by the Barcelona Culture Institute (ICB) and the Barcelona Education Consortium (CEB) and designed in cooperation with the cultural association A Bao A Qu, has brought artists the likes of Mireia c. Saladrigues, Isabel Banal, Nutcreatives and Perico Pastor, among many others, in contact with secondary schools throughout Barcelona.

This year, In Residence will be carried out with the collaboration of numerous other cultural entities such as the Joan Miró Foundation, the Azotea Collective, the Educational Service of the National Museum of Art of Catalonia, the Graner Centre of the Mercat de les Flors and the Sala Beckett International Drama Workshop.

During this edition the ten participating schools, which include two first-time participants, the Pau Claris School in Ciutat Vella and the Domènech i Montaner School in Zona Franca, will collaborate with artists the likes of Edu Comelles, Jordi Mitjà, Daniela Ortiz, dancer and teacher Aimar Pérez Galí, Mònica Roselló, Francesc Ruiz, Francesc Torres, Jordi Oriol of the Indi Gest Collective, Lúa Coderch and L’Automàtica, a collective of graphic designers, artists and illustrators who have refurbished a former printing works in Barcelona, transforming it into a self-administered cultural association.

All these projects will be presentend between May and June in a open session:

Text, L'Automàtica and Institut Poeta Maragall, 14/05 at L'Automàtica, 7pm

Tensant el fil, Edu Comelles and Institut Pau Claris, 15/05 at Convent de Sant Agustí, 7pm

Hem vist un video a youtube i estava ple de xenofòbia, Daniela Ortiz and Institut Comas i Solà, 21/05 at Llibreria La Caníbal, 6.30pm

Drawing Diamonds, Francesc Ruiz and Institut Doctor Puigvert, 22/05 Fabra i Coats, 5pm

Com marcar el món, Francesc Torres and Institut Domènech i Montaner, 22/05 Fundació Antoni Tàpies, 7.30pm

Paraules clau, Jordi Mitjà and Institut Milà i Fontanals, 27/05 Institut Milà i Fontanals, 7pm

-, Aimar Pérez Galí and Institut Menéndez Pelayo, 28/05 Mercat de les Flors, 7.30pm
Tempestant Shakespeare, Jordi Oriol and Cia Indigest and Institut Joan d'Àustria, 28/05 Auditori de Sant Martí, 8.30pm

Extensió d'aigua salada, Mónica Rosselló and Institut Joan Boscà, 3/06 Museu Marítim de Barcelona, 7pm

-, Lua Coderch and Institut Montjuïc, 4/06 Fundació Joan Miró, 12am


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Publication date: Monday, 18 May 2015
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