La Pedrera hosts a series of Catalan films from 2014

The sixth edition of the series, from the 1st to the 17th of December, will include “Born”, “Sobre la marxa: The Creator of the Jungle”, “Falling Star” and “Gabor”, as well as a selection of short films

From the 1st to the 17th of December, La Pedrera will host the sixth edition of the series Catalan Cinema on Show 2014 which, as is customary, will offer cinema goers the opportunity to see some of the most notable films produced and shown for the first time in Catalonia during 2014.

The first film in the series, Caludio Zulian’s Born, will be shown on the 1st of December at 7.30 pm. Based on real life events, the film follows the fortunes of a coppersmith, his sister and a wealthy merchant with whom both have pending issues. Starring Marc Martínez, Vicky Luengo, Josep Julien and Mercè Arànega, among others, the story is set in the former Bornet district prior to the siege of the city in 1714.

The second session, on the 4th of December at 7 pm, will feature a selection of ten short Catalan films that have been nominated for the seventh edition of the Gaudí Awards and will include 02:43, Alex, Brickskin, El Corredor, Espés and Line up, among others.

The third session, on the 9th, at 7.30 pm, will feature one of the year’s most surprising documentaries, Sobre la marxa: The Creator of the Jungle, by Jordi Morató. The star of the film is Josep Pujiula, alias Garrell, a man who, over the course of decades, and with his bare hands, erected a series of towers, mazes and fantastical constructions out of branches, stones and other elements in a forest beside the main road in the village of Argelaguer, in the district of La Garrotxa, near Girona, Catalonia.

On the 15th, Lluis Miñarro will present his fictional work Falling Star (Stella Cadente), based on the reign of Amadeo I of Spain. Far from being solemn or ostentatious, the film offers a free-form, ‘pop’ version of the historical film genre; a daring and engaging proposal that includes musical numbers and uses saturated colour. The film stars Àlex Brendemühl, Bárbara Lennie and Lola Dueñas, among others.

The series closes on the 17th of December, also at 7.30 pm, with the screening of the documentary film Gabor, directed by Sebastián Alfie. The director himself, while trying to track down video cameras to shoot a film in Bolivia, meets Gabor, a director of photography who lost his sight a decade ago. Despite the obvious handicap, they decide to collaborate and make the film together. The documentary elaborates on how Gabor manages to participate in the filming despite his lack of sight.

Tickets for the series Catalan cinema on show 2014, from the 1st to the 17th of December, are priced at 3 euros, with the exception of the short film session, which is free. All the participating films will be presented by their directors, who will offer a short talk after the screening. Tickets and more information are available here.

Publication date: Monday, 01 December 2014
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