Jessica Lange presents a photographic project in the Arts Santa Mònica

The exhibition of photographs by the North American artist and actress can be seen up until the 28th of June and is complemented by a series of film screenings in the Filmoteca

As part of the 2015 Arts Libris festival, Jessica Lange will present a photographic project entitled Unseen in the arts centre Arts Santa Mònica. In addition to an exhibition, Unseen is also the title of a book containing 111 black and white photographs. World famous for her career as an actress, the exhibition is an opportunity for Lange to demonstrate her talents as a photographer.

Photographed using a Leika M6, Unseen features, above all, photographs taken in Mexico, a country with which Lange maintains strong emotional ties. Fascinated by her people, rituals, light and street scenes, the artist captures the magic, warmth and mysteriousness of Mexico through images of self-possessed characters, couples dancing and celebrating, carnival dresses from Chiapas or three girls chatting spiritedly in a doorway.

Without pretensions above and beyond the desire to immobilise life’s inherent movement, her photographs reveal a simple, spontaneous world by capturing the beauty of everyday occurrences. Highlights among the entirely black and white selection include compositional elements and a keenly observed use of light and shadow. Given her discretion at the moment of pointing the camera, many images are also notable for their honesty, a fact that did not come about by accident. The title Unseen refers to the fact that Lange tries to be invisible to her subjects in order to capture their naturalness.

The actress and photographer will be present at the inauguration of the exhibition and, on the 24th of April, will participate in a round-table discussion accompanied by the manager of the publishing house, RM, Ramón Reverte, photographer Manuel Outumuro, and Jaume Reus, the director of the Arts Santa Mònica.

In parallel, the Filmoteca de Catalunya will pay tribute to her facet as an actress via a series of screenings entitled Jessica Lange, one of the big names which will reveal her Academy-Award-winning talents via screenings of films the likes of The Postman Always Rings Twice, Country, Blue Sky and Tootsie.

In other words, a wonderful opportunity to enjoy an in-depth insight into the many talents of Jessica Lange, whether it is through her acting or her photography, the latter being little more than another way of looking at and interpreting the world around us.

Unseen. Jessica Lange 

When: fromt the 23th of April to the 28th of June

Price: Free entrance to the exhibition. 4€ each film at the Filmoteca.

Where: Arts Santa Mònica and Filmoteca de Catalunya

More information here

Publication date: Thursday, 23 April 2015
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