The Gaudí Awards ceremony, on the 1st of February in the Sant Jordi Club

“Falling Star”, “10,000 Km”, “El Niño”, “Traces of Sandalwood” and “Beautiful Youth” are some of the films most likely to triumph in the 7th edition of the Catalan film awards, presented by Àngel Llàcer

On Sunday the 1st of February, beginning at 10 pm, the Sant Jordi Club, Montjuïc, will play host to the 7th edition of the Gaudí Awards. The ceremony, which will be televised live on TV3, will honour the best Catalan films of 2014 and will be presented for the second year running by Àngel Llàcer. A total of 27 productions have been nominated this year, including favourites such as Falling Star, 10,000 Km, Born, El Niño, Traces of Sandalwood and Beautiful Youth.

The films opting for the Best Film Awards are Born, Claudio Zulian’s film set in Barcelona in 1714, André Cruz Shiraiwa’s L’Altra Frontera (The Other Frontier), set in a wartime refugee camp, Traces of Sandalwood, by Maria Ripoll, a tale of love and personal discovery set between Catalonia and India, and Falling Star, by Lluís Miñarro, a liberal, “pop” perspective on the brief reign of Amadeo I of Spain.

The films nominated for the Gaudí Award for Best Non-Catalan Language Film are Carlos Marques-Marcet’s 10,000 Km, a tale of long-distance love, Daniel Monzón’s El Niño, a thriller about drug smuggling in the Straits of Gibraltar, Jaime Rosales’s Beautiful Youth, the story of an unemployed couple’s fight for survival, and [REC] 4: Apocalypse, Jaume Balaguero’s final instalment in the now-famous horror series.

Competitors in the Best Director category include Carlos Marques-Marcet (10,000 Km), Daniel Monzón (El Niño), Jaime Rosales (Beautiful Youth) and Lluís Miñarro (Falling Star). The actor and actress categories, both main and secondary, include the likes of Bárbara Lennie, Natalia Tena, David Verdaguer, Aina Clotet, Àlex Brendemühl, Ingrid García-Jonsson, Rosa Novell, Sergi López, Vicky Peña and Eduard Fernández.

The Best Documentary category includes two films by Ventura Durall, The Wild Years and Bugarach, the latter filmed in conjunction with Sergi Cameron and Salvador Sunyer, which will compete with Sebastian Alfie’s Gabor and Justin Weber’s I Will Be Murdered. Nominees for Best European Film include the Polish film Ida, Italy’s The Great Beauty and two Spanish films, Marshland and Magical Girl. Ventura Pons will be presented with the Honorific Gaudí Award – Miquel Porter for his film career. The two nominees in the animated film category are The Happets in the Rainbow Forest, by Àlex Coll, and Mort and Phil Versus Jimmy the Randy, by Javier Fesser.

El Niño, with 15 nominations, and Falling Star, with 13, are the films that are opting for the most prizes. Some of the nominees in the main categories:


Best Film
-    Born
-    L’altra frontera
-    Rastres de sàndal
-    Stella Cadente

Best Non-Catalan Language Film
-    10.000 Km
-    El Niño
-    Hermosa juventud
-    [REC] 4: Apocalipsis

Best Director
-    Carlos Marques-Marcet (10.000 Km)
-    Daniel Monzón (El Niño)
-    Jaime Rosales (Hermosa juventud)
-    Lluís Miñarro (Stella Cadente)

Best Original Screenplay
-    Carlos Marques-Marcet i Clara Roquet (10.000 Km)
-    Daniel Monzón i Jorge Guerricaechevarría (El Niño)
-    Jaime Rosales i Enric Rufas (Hermosa juventud)
-    Lluís Miñarro i Sergi Belbel (Stella Cadente)

Best Actress
-    Aina Clotet (Rastres de sàndal)
-    Bárbara Lennie (Stella Cadente)
-    Ingrid García-Jonsson (Hermosa juventud)
-    Natalia Tena (10.000 Km)

Best Actor
-    Àlex Brendemühl (Stella Cadente)
-    David Verdaguer (10.000 Km)
-    Jesús Castro (El Niño)
-    Luis Tosar (El Niño)

Best Actress in a Supporting Role
-    Bárbara Lennie (El Niño)
-    Mercè Arànega (Born)
-    Rosa Novell (Rastres de sàndal)
-    Vicky Peña (Los tontos y los estúpidos)

Best Actor in a Supporting Role
-    Àlex Batllori (Stella Cadente)
-    Eduard Fernández (El Niño)
-    Francesc Garrido (Stella Cadente)
-    Sergi López (El Niño)

Best Documentary Film
-    Bugarach
-    Els anys salvatges
-    Gabor
-    I Will Be Murdered (Demà moriré)

Best European Film
-    Ida
-    La grande bellezza (La gran bellesa)
-    La isla mínima
-    Magical Girl

Best Animated Film
-    Els cap de drap a la selva de l’arc de Sant Martí
-    Mortadel·lo i Filemó contra en Jimmy el Catxondo

VII Premis Gaudí

When: February the 1st, from 22.00 pm
: Sant Jordi Club

More information here

Publication date: Thursday, 29 January 2015
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