A screening in the cycle

The Pantalla Pavelló cycle takes a look at contemporary Rome

The Mies van der Rohe Foundation to screen four films that focus on the relationship between the built space and its inhabitants.

Nanni Moretti's 1993 film Caro diario is set to open Pantalla Pavelló at the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion on 18 June. This year's edition is titled Roma. Stupenda e misera città and Rome is the first of a number of cities that the cycle aims to explore through an exploration of the way it's depticted on the screen, thereby providing an insight into the relationship between its inhabitants and the city as a built space.

Caro diario depicts life in Rome, along othegside other parts of the country, like the Eolia Islands. We have to wait until 9 July for the second screening in the cycle, La grande bellezza by Paolo Sorrentino. Released in 2013 and with an Oscar for the best non-English speaking film to its credit, this story depicts a series of powerful, irrepressible but decadent characters who are spending a summer in Rome. Sacro GRA by Gianfranco Rosi can be seen at the Pavilion on 30 July. The GRA is the Grande Raccordo Anulare, the 70 km motorway that circles Rome and the film tells the stories that take place at its edges, including several emblematic buildings and eccentric and picturesque characters. The most recent film, Lo chiamavano Jeeg Robot, which was released in 2016, will close the cycle. Directed by Gabriele Mainetti, it tells the story of a lonely thief living on the outskirts of Rome who acquires superpowers.

The cycle is curated by Daniele Porretta and all screenings will be preceded by a presentation by someone related to the world of cinema or architecture. For more information, check out the following link.

Publication date: Wednesday, 30 May 2018
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Hola, voldría saber quina es la data de projecció de la primera película del cicle "Caro diario". aquí posa el dia 4 de juny y després he vist que en la programació de la página diu el dilluns dia 18 de juny. Gràcies


Benvolguda Sra Fernández,

En relació a la seva consulta, ens hem posat en contacte amb la Fundació Mies van der Rohe i ens han informat que hi ha un error de data en la seva pàgina web. El dia 4 de juny ha estat anul·lat i el cicle Pantalla Pavelló començarà el proper 18 de juny. Tanmateix, ens han indicat que corregiran les dades al seu lloc web per tal que no hi hagi malentesos per al públic.


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