A biblical scene from  'Le fils de Joseph' Green

The Baroque vision of director Eugène Green at the Filmoteca

The director of 'Totes les nuits' and 'Le pont des Arts' will be the focus of a cycle that will run until 29 January

During the second half of January, Barcelona’s Filmoteca de Catalunya is set to resound to the Baroque film vision of Eugène Green. Born in New York though settled in Paris from an early age, this filmmaker, writer and playwright is the creator behind films like Le monde vivant, Le pont des Arts, Le fils de Joseph, which premiered in 2016, and Toutes les nuits, his first feature film, which dates from 2001. All of these films, and many others besides, will be screened at the Filmoteca from 18 to 29 January, and Green himself will be coming to Barcelona to present the first two days of the cycle.

Green’s vision is based on the idea that Baroque man expresses simultaneously two ideas that are contradictory but both equally true, and that drives him to continuously destroy what he creates. This tension is what produces the force that can be found in his films, which seek a superior, poetic reality in order to expose to the viewer to see what lies behind the surface of the world.

The cycle at the Filmoteca is set to open on 18 January with Le fils de Joseph, a contemporary story in which the director introduces fragments of the Bible in a natural way, mixing them up with elements of the thriller, Italian Baroque music, a photograph by Doisneau and three 18th century paintings. Le pont des Arts, which has been described as a melancholic satire on academic life, is scheduled for 20 and 29 January. Le monde vivant, in which an ogre aims to get rid of his wife because she makes him vegetarian food, will be screened on 19 and 21 January. The cycle also features some of the director’s shorter works and Les signes and Correspondances are set for 22 and 24 January. Toutes les nuits, a loose adaptation of Flaubert’s Sentimental Education, will be shown on 22 and 27 January. Faire la parole, a film about four Basque boys who are tightly bonded to their language and culture, is scheduled for 25 and 28 January. And finally, A religiosa portuguesa, in which a French actress whose mother is Portuguese travels to Lisbon to star in a film based on the book The Letters of a Portuguese Nun, will be screened on 26 and 29 January.

Publication date: Thursday, 19 January 2017
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