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To mark the completion of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, experts Gina Tost, Pedro Diezma, Elies Campo Di-Ann Eisnor and Gonzalo Martin-Villa discuss the latest trends around mobile technology.

The special edition of this series of lectures open to everyone will take place on March 4, 2015 at 7:300 PM. 5Talks's mission is to create a space for lectures, discussions and networking, to attract and develop talent and technologies that promote and inspire change.
For those interested who can not attend live lectures will be broadcast live through
 5Talks web. 

For each entry, 5Talks will donate 1 EURO to the Fundació Hospital Sant Joan de Deu for the investigation of children.


DI-ANN EISNOR Head of Growth Waze, Neogeography Pioneer

Di-Ann Eisnor is neo-geographer and Head of Growth of Waze, the traffic and navigation app based on a community of over 50 million users. Founded in Israel, Waze was sold to Google in June 2013. Working with governments, the media and local communities, Di-Ann continues to lead the global initiatives of the company for connected cities become a reality.Before joining Waze, Di-Ann was co-founder and CEO of Platial, a website collaborative mapping that allowed people to map the things important to them. He also founded Community-Centric Marketing, a consulting firm for social networking, and offline promotion agency Eisnor Interactive.

ELIES CAMPO Tech Entrepreneur and former Whatsapp

Elies is a technology entrepreneur who has started creating companies from 14 years. Member of team that creates the messaging application WhatsApp, Elies is passionate about connecting the next 3,000 million people to the Internet and believed to simple mobile messaging services are the first step to achieve this. Before moving to Silicon Valley and join Whatsapp, Elies fastDove co-founded a Spanish mobile messaging platform. He is also founder of AlertaPhone a mobile repair service on the same day based on a "crowd-source" concept, and eBay store for daily deals company Tot a Punt. Elies began his business career at age 14 when he co-founded the local radio station of Barcelona Sants 3 Radio.

PEDRO DIEZMA impeller technological revolution, an expert on Wearable Devices

Entrepreneur, TEDx speaker and expert in business, visionary and promoter of the new technological revolution strategy. CEO of technology company Zerinta Technologies. Author of the books "The rebirth of the hero" and "The hero who changed his coat for iPhone", which has moved to the public their knowledge and experience.

With over fifteen years experience in software development and consulting in the field of new technologies, is one of the leading experts worldwide (Source: Onalytica 2015) in Wearable Technology ("wearable technology") and Internet of Things ("Internet of Things").

GONZALO MARTIN-VILLA Telefónica Product Innovation

Passionate about technology and innovation, Gonzalo was CEO of Wayra, the accelerator startups Telefónica since its founding in 2011 until 2014. Became Wayra one of the most important technology accelerator, with operations in 12 countries in Latin America and Europe. Since January 2015 is part of the Communication Services and Innovation Telefonica Product Business Unit Director General Commercial Digital (CCDO).

Gonzalo joined Telefónica in 1997, first in the Legal advice Telefónica Internacional, and two years later as legal manager at Telefónica Móviles, the division for managing mobile operations internationally. In 2002, he moved to Mexico, and three years later rejoined the division of the Technical Secretariat of the Presidency of Telefónica Latinoamérica directing since 2006.

GINA TOST Geenapp Co-Founder and expert on digital trends

Gina Tost is co-founder of Geenapp an affiliation platform to promote apps. He is also professor of Tecnocampus and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), collaborator and presenter of "Generació Digital" program on TV3, and author of "Extra Life: Video games like you've never seen." about the attraction of video games. Gina is graduated with a Masters in Electronic Art and Digital Design at the Escola Superior College of Design ESDI.

Further information: Mobile World Centre


Publication date: Tuesday, 03 March 2015
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