The old man and his daughter-in-law sitting in the forest, she’s showing him a mirror.

Wild Strawberries

Cinema – Verdi Park Cinemas
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Every Thursday, the Verdi cinema offers the Essential Thursdays sessions, a cycle of rediscovery that brings us iconic films from the history of cinema.

On Thursday 22 November audiences can see Swedish film Wild Strawberries (1957), written and directed by Ingmar Bergman, considered to be one of the leading film-makers in history. The film was critically acclaimed and won major awards. It was nominated for the Oscar for best original screenplay and won the Golden Bear for best film at the Berlin Film Festival.

The story tells of the journey by ageing professor Isak Borg from Stockholm to Lund, accompanied by his daughter-in-law and three young people, during which he reflects on life, death and human existence. It is regarded as one of the Swedish director’s most emotional and optimistic films and led to his becoming part of the history of the cinema.

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