All the characters in the play looking suspicious.

"The Unexpected Guest" by Agatha Christie

Stage arts – Teatre del Raval
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On 14 December, at the Teatre del Raval, audiences can see The Unexpected Guest by Agatha Christie, a play that returns to the stage after the success of the adaptation of Witness for the Prosecution. Crime returns to the stage with one of the least well-known plays in our country by the British author, even though it is one of the most widely performed around the world.

One stormy night, Michael gets lost on a road in Wales and ends up at a mansion where he wants to ask for help. There he discovers a terrifying scene: a man killed by a gunshot, still seated in a wheelchair, and next to him is a woman with a revolver in her hand. The murderer, the deceased’s wife, confesses. But something doesn’t seem right to Michael, and the facts seem too obvious...

The show will call for the participation of the audience, which will have to try and discover who the murderer is during the interval. A draw for a dinner for two people and two invites for the show will be drawn from among those who get it right.

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