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The daughter as a baby in her father's arms with the sea in the background.

Two Is A Family (Demain tout commence)

Cinema – Cinemes Verdi Park
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Every Tuesday, the Verdi cinemas in Gràcia offer Movie Nights, where cinema-goers can enjoy exclusive advance premières, films not previously screened in cinemas and repeats!

Come and enjoy the pre-première on 28th March of the French film Two Is A Family (2016), a comedy directed by Hugo Gélin and starring Omar Sy, winner of a César for best actor in The Intouchables.

Samuel lives on the beach in the south of France, free from responsibilities, until one day one of his former lovers dumps a few-months' old baby with him: Gloria, his daughter. Unable to look after a baby and having decided to return her to her mother, Samuel leaves for London to try and find the mother, but without any luck. Eight years later, when Samuel and Gloria are living in London and are inseparable, the mother comes back into their life to get her daughter back.

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