Screening of a film in the Castell de Montjuïc with lots of people watching it in the open air.
A group playing music at night at the Castell de Montjuïc.

Sala Montjuïc: film + concert

Cinema and music – Castell de Montjuïc
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The 15th Sala Montjuïc presents a selection of the best films of all times, with concerts, picnics and short films. The open-air cinema exhibition has become a benchmark and a classic of summer nights in the city in an unrivalled setting: the Castell de Montjuïc.

On 26 July, audiences have a new date to see the film Omar (Palestine, 2013), a realistic and tough film by Hany Abu-Assad, director of Paradise Now. Omar is both a love story and an exciting political thriller.

As a musical starter before the screening, audiences can enjoy the concert by Yacine & the Oriental Groove and the screening of the short Ringo (2016) by Adrià Pagès.

Omar will be screened in original version in Arabic and Hebrew with subtitles in Spanish.

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