On a cinema screen, we see the images of some puppets and a man talking to them.
A man talking to a miniature clown in his hands, both are cartoons.

Première of “Screen Man” at the TNC

Family fun – Teatre Nacional de Catalunya
Get a free double ticket for the première on 27 January!

On 27 January, at the Sala Tallers of the TNC, audiences can see the première of Screen Man, a show in which the manipulation of images, puppets and objects places the viewer in a magical universe that opens up before their eyes, telling a tale that is familiar to all ages and, therefore, universal.

The protagonist of this show lives in a unique universe where they play with images and transform them. Suddenly, Pomodoro, a small creature that starts as a projection but ends up as a real puppet, appears. This visit will change the routine for our protagonist and form the start of a close relationship full of trust and support leading to the quest for a common dream beneath the starry sky.

This show is recommended for children from three years onwards.

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