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Première of “Kassandra” at the TNC

Stage arts – Teatre Nacional de Catalunya
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On 24 October, at the Sala Tallers del TNC, audiences can see the première of Kassandra, a show directed by Sergi Belbel and starring young actress Elisabet Casanovas that fuses the myth of Cassandra with transsexualism.

Kassandra doesn’t speak our language, but she knows enough English to make herself understood. She was born with a male body, but transformed her appearance to be the girl she is now. After the war, Agamemnon took her to Europe as a slave. She survived by offering her body to strangers...

Playwright Sergio Blanco starts with the mythical figure of Cassandra, who had the gift of seeing the future while being condemned to never being understood, to denounce the silenced violence of organised prostitution gangs. The play constructs a fascinating game of masks that enters a world of sorrow.

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