Claudia facing away from the camera looking at images of landscapes in Argentina.

Première of “Claudia” at the TNC

Stage arts – Teatre Nacional de Catalunya
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On 22 November, at the Sala Petita of the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, audiences can enjoy Claudia, a scenic poem about memory, justice and identity, based on the experience of an Argentinian girl, the daughter of “the disappeared”.

This new work is based on the story and experience of Claudia Victoria Poblete Hlaczik, which comes to the stage in the form of a fragmentary story that interacts with documentary images and material from the company's investigation in the north of Argentina. Based on an experience told by the actual protagonist of the facts, the La Conquesta del Pol Sud company explores the relationships between the individual and the collective with a language midway between documentary, visual poetry and theatre.

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