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Cinema – Verdi Park Cinemas
Get a free double ticket for 14 December!

Every Thursday, the Verdi cinema offers the Essential Thursdays sessions, a cycle of rediscovery that brings us iconic films from the history of cinema.

On Thursday 14 November, audiences can enjoy Playtime, a French film from 1967 by director Jacques Tati. The screening of this film celebrates fifty years since the première of one of the great works of twentieth-century French cinema.

Playtime is a satire on the modernisation of French society portrayed in the comical experiences of a group of tourists from New York during their 24-hour visit of Paris. Through a series of gags, Tati reveals the urban and sociological obstacles of an age dominated by aesthetics and the absurd social rules that deny people a more human, easier and more comfortable lifestyle.

Fancy getting a free double ticket for 14 December?

As you are a Barcelona Culture user, you can get a free double ticket for the film on Thursday 14 December at 8.15 pm.

What do you have to do to get it?

You simply have to answer the question at the end of the form correctly.

If you're lucky, we'll let you know by e-mail on the morning of 12 December. This e-mail will include the details you gave (NAME, SURNAME AND E-MAIL) for you to show at the cinema box office and pick up your tickets.

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