All the characters in the work reading a page.

“Patatu” at Teatre Poliorama

Family fun - Teatre Poliorama
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This year, we're starting the 13th edition of the LIVE THEATRE programme with family shows designed for children at the Teatre Poliorama as part of the new Family Poliorama cycle.

Àngels Bassas, stage, cinema and television actress, did what many mums do: take her son to school every day. She, though, made up stories to entertain him on the way. Out of the stories she dreamed up, a character was born, half peasant and half clown, who ended up inspiring a series of books. Now, for the third season, Patatu leaps onto the stage in a Patatu-show for the very youngest, in which Malèvola will change the natural order of things and all the inhabitants of Patatum will manage to restore it thanks to the magic of Wizard Martí and the ingeniousness of Patatu!

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