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Mas i Mas Festival at the Teatre Grec: Mag Lari with “Dolce Vita”

For the family - Teatre Grec
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Until 3 September, Barcelona is celebrating the 15th Mas i Mas Festival with over 200 performances and nearly a hundred scheduled productions in one of the city’s outstanding cultural events for August.

This year, the Teatre Grec is taking part as a new festival venue and will be hosting a number of performances, including premières and exclusive productions in music, theatre and dance.

On 26 August, Mag Lari presents Dolce Vita at the Teatre Grec in a magic show inspired by the film La Dolce Vita and the hit musical by Ryan Paris.

Mag Lari will be presenting a show brimming with magic and a variety of sleight of hand set in La Bella Italia. A deft and entertaining show in which irony goes hand in hand with the most engaging Italian themes. Music, lighting and exquisite costumes complete this fantastic and light-hearted magic show.

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