A woman and a man dancing, with a miniature washing machine next to them.

‘La Virgen del Moñeko’ at the SAT! Teatre

Dance - SAT! Teatre
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The Los Moñekos company presents La Virgen del Moñeko at the Espai Dansat! in the Sant Andreu Teatre on 25 May. A show in which dance, theatre, humour and music come together to take the audience to a miniature world.

The attic. A trunk. The corner of forgotten toys. Moñekos that wake up, that find their rusty batteries and want to survive. What do the Moñekos play when they’re not being played with? What imaginary world lives in them? They live in a surrealist world, they share a room with Ferris wheels, Barbies, dinosaurs, a lorry, melted lollipops in forgotten pockets, mechanical birds... and lots of chaos.

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