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Ferran Adrià in conversation with Eduard Vallory and David Bueno

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Led by Ferran Adrià, a new cycle of lectures has begun at CosmoCaixa: Understanding to create. In each one, a network will be woven bringing together different viewpoints (chemistry, anthropology, genetics, neuroscience, education, etc.) with the aim of debating the essence and value of the creative process and innovation from a multidisciplinary perspective.

As part of this cycle, on 26 April audiences will be able to attend a new lecture: How we understand things. Linked knowledge, which will look at the knowledge that neuroscience brings us regarding the workings of the brain and learning. This becomes a highly valuable tool in knowing the mechanism of learning, while offering a few keys that enable educational and social debate to be fostered about the atmosphere and the most suitable strategies for favouring individual and collective learning.

At the end of the lecture, the audience will be able to interact with the speaker from their seat or via social media.

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