A tower built from wooden sticks.
A tower built from wooden sticks.

Bala va! at the Cosmocaixa

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Aconsegueix una entrada doble gratuïta per a l’activitat del 23 de setembre!

Fancy taking part in the Bala va! El balòdrom d'Arkilàstic workshop at the CosmoCaixa on 23 September? You’ll have great fun in a fascinating group activity in which young and old can take part in building a surprising and colourful maze with multiple paths.

The challenge facing the builders will be to ring a bell placed at the end of the circuit.  To do this, though, they’ll have to design as complicated a circuit as they want, with channels at different levels that will connect to ingenious support structures, along which glass balls will run until they make the bell ring at the end.

Fancy getting a free double ticket for 23 September?

As you are a Barcelona Culture user, you can get a free double ticket for the activity on Saturday 23 September at 11 am.

What do you have to do to get it?

You simply have to answer the question at the end of the form correctly.

If you're lucky, we'll let you know by e-mail on the morning of 21 September. This e-mail will include the details you gave (NAME, SURNAME AND E-MAIL) for you to show at the CosmoCaixa box office and pick up your tickets.

If you'd like more information, just click here. 

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