Culture Institute

The Culture Institute was created by Barcelona City Council in 1996 to position Barcelona's culture as one of the primary assets for the development and projections of the city, through the management of municipal cultural facilities and services, and to promote and facilitate the emergene and consolidation of numerous private iniciative cultural platforms and projects throughout the city.

The aims of Culture Institut of Barcelona are:
- To create, manage and mantain the city's artistic, scientific, technological, natural and documentary heritage.
- To use the assets and activities of the Institut commercially.
- To disseminate culture to the districts and neighbourhoods of Barcelona.
- To foster the activities of non-profit making cultural sectors.
- To encourage the presence of cultural industries and facilities the city.
- To promote cultural and leisure activities held throughout the city.
- To participate in fostering the large cultural infrastructures owned of the State, the Catalan Government or both in the municipality.
- To support public and civic initiative.