Cinemes Girona

Girona, 173-175
93 118 45 31
Verdaguer (L4-L5)
  • Bruno Dumont + 122'

    Summer 1910. Several tourists have vanished while relaxing on the beautiful beaches of the...

  • Esteban Crespo + 110'

    Laura and Carlos love each other as if every day was the last, and perhaps that first love...

  • Marion Hänsel + 90'

    On a small boat, Homer and Joé, both in their fifties, go upstream the rivers in Croatia, through...

  • Nelson Shin, Melanie Simka + 86'

    Princess Froglegs goes undercover to compete in her father's Froglympics in order to avoid being...

  • Agustí Villaronga + 116'

    Aragon front, 1937. Lluís, a young Republican official destined for a temporarily inactive...

  • Aki Kaurismäki + 98'

    A poker-playing restaurateur and former traveling salesman befriends a group of refugees newly...