Cinemes Girona

Girona, 173-175
93 118 45 31
Verdaguer (L4-L5)
  • Bruno Dumont + 106'

    France, 1425. In the midst of the Hundred Years' War, the young Jeannette, at the still tender...

  • Ferenc Török + 91'

    12 August 1945, 11 AM. Two mysterious strangers dressed in black appear at the railway station of...

  • Fernando González Molina + 113'

    Six people from Spain, Uganda, Russia and France face difficult circumstances which make it hard...

  • Carla Simón + 94'

    After her mother's death, six-year-old Frida is sent to her uncle's family to live with them in...

  • Fernando León de Aranoa + 127'

    A journalist strikes up a romantic relationship with notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar

  • Rasmus A. Sivertsen + 72'

    In the woods there lives a mouse and his friends, and they are always scared of getting eaten by...

  • Michael Bohnenstingl, Johannes Weiland, Paul Cichon + 67'

    One day, Petzi and his friends find Mary, a ship that looks ramshackle. Nevertheless, with a...

  • Guangxi Chang, Peng Fei + 87'

    When a kingdom gets cursed by One-Eye, it's up to Freddy, Frog Princess and Ababwa to make things...

  • Samu Fuentes + 110'

    Martinón is the last inhabitant of an old town. Each spring, he embarks on a journey to the...

  • Jakob Schuh, Max Lang + 55'

    Double bill including the screening of the short films The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo's Child

  • Raj Kumar Gupta + 120'

    Amay Patnaik, a fearless Income Tax officer, carries out a non-stop raid at the mansion of Tauji,...