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From 22@ to Silicon Valley

26 May, 2011 | Barcelona People

“>Silicon Valley stands for new technologies. Big companies in the technology sector like Facebook, Apple and Google set up shop in the valley located in the southern zone of the San Francisco Bay. Over there all sorts of projects are being developed that are linked to network and creative community uses. This technology race has been joined by Spenta, a company located in Barcelona’s 22@ neighbourhood which has been developing … Read more…

Have you discovered the new Cibernàrium venue?

11 February, 2011 | Networking

Technology, digital tools, social media networks and Món 2.0 are becoming increasingly visible in day-to-day society. They are evolving very quickly, and involve acquiring new skills as individuals and dealing with new kinds of behaviour. In 1999 Barcelona Activa accordingly gave the green light to a project called Cibernàrium (only in Spanish and Catalan), to promote training in, dissemination of and proficiency in technology. The project had so far been … Read more…

A multipurpose centre dedicated to new technologies that is open to everyone

11 January, 2011 | Networking

“Networking” is the section of our blog that aims to highlight initiatives that go in for using new technologies and the internet as a new space for interaction between people. In 2003 Barcelona City Council set up Cibernàrium (in Catalan or Spanish), a multipurpose centre at Barcelona Activa, a local development agency, which has over 1,000 m2 of free-access facilities providing an extensive programme of free training activities to suit … Read more…