Corpus Christi Barcelona-style

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DISE-L'ou com balla durant el Corpus-21-6-8-VZ

The Feast of Corpus Christi, which takes place this Thursday, 15 June, is a festival that would almost have passed unnoticed these days were it not for the decorations and dancing eggs adorning the city centre’s fountains. For centuries it was one of the most important festivals and Barcelona was one of the places where it was particularly important. Besides l’ou com balla – the dancing egg – the festival … Read more…

A portrait of Barcelona’s fishing community

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Barcelona is a coastal city. It has beaches, a large industrial port and a recreational one too, but for many years the city was said to live with its back to the sea. The overland railway and the industrial and commercial activity in the area at Moll de la Fusta formed a barrier which was hardly permeable. That changed with the urban redevelopment ahead of the Olympic Games in 1992, … Read more…

Noucentisme in Barcelona

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01-Almanach Noucentistes-AHCB

In the early 20th century an important political, social and cultural movement termed noucentisme was formed, gaining momentum at the end of another important movement: modernisme. From the 1960s onwards, modernisme gained more ground and became valued once again, largely due to the architectural work of figures such as Gaudí, Domènech i Muntaner and Puig i Cadafalch. Noucentisme, on the other hand, has still not achieved such popularity. A new … Read more…

Remembering a historical building, now disappeared: the Torre dels Pardals

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01-Torre dels Pardals- vista de la façana AMDHG

The city’s architectural heritage has changed over time. Buildings which were once undervalued have gone on to be considered heritage, as in the case of La Pedreda. Others, which nowadays would be preserved, disappeared in the Francoist era due to the growth of the city and property speculation. One of those buildings, now gone, was the Torre dels Pardals in the Guinardó neighbourhood. The Barcelona plain was home to various … Read more…

The history of Barcelona through plans and engravings

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01-nova descripcio famosa vila barcelona-1645

The history of cities can be pieced together using various types of documents. Cartography and engravings are original sources which can trace how the image of a city changes over the years. Thanks to the work and research of the collector Ramon Soley, over 740 engravings and plans can now be accessed online which show the transformation of Barcelona between the mid-17th century and the end of the 19th century. … Read more…