City residents climate projects

Following the Barcelona Climate Commitment, + Sustainable Barcelona members were invited to join the new joint working groups and projects to contribute towards sustainability-promoting action in Barcelona.

These groups attend to the priorities expressed by the network’s members attending the Let’s Network Conference, the Citizen Council for Sustainability and the Energy and Climate Change Group which established the Barcelona Climate Commitment.

The long-term working groups lay out the issues, guide the vision and monitor the + Sustainable Barcelona network's municipal policies and projects. Their role includes bringing a perspective to projects, advising on them and spotting opportunities for new ones.

The groups are on energy efficiency and renewable energies; sustainable mobility; the circular economy, and environmental education and communication.

Each group includes project teams, which are geared to action and implement a specific initiative: developing an entire set of new projects linked to Barcelona’s Climate Commitment.


Barcelona Climate Commitment projects

E4: Plug into Energy Saving and Efficiency

Advice on how to achieve the democratisation and renovation of energy, resolving the drama of energy poverty and working towards self-sufficiency.

Further information (PDF)

Passive reform and active awareness to combat energy poverty

Programme for energy efficiency and health through home renovation using low-cost passive energy systems and recommendations on how to adapt habits.

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Mosaic roofing (pilot scheme combining renewable energy, agricultural and green spaces and rainwater storage)

Pilot scheme for mosaic roofing with installations combining renewable energy, agricultural and green spaces and rainwater storage, integrated into various types of buildings and for different kinds of users.

Further information (PDF)

Safe school paths

Promotion of sustainable mobility and safe access to schools on foot, by bike and on public transport, through the application of new technology that ensures safety and makes children more self-sufficient (mobile devices, apps etc.).

Further information (PDF)

Cycling to work

Fostering sustainable mobility by changing the way people get to work, by using a fleet of bicycles to be lent to workers.

Further information (PDF)

Green Point 2.0. (virtual and physical meeting point to promote the re-use, repair and recuperation of materials)

Action to prolong the useful life of materials and products based on a web-mobile app and a meeting point for initiatives and services promoting re-use, repair and urban mining.

Further information (PDF)

Door to door and I separate everything I can. And packaging goes back to the shop

Action aimed at zero waste and the circular economy by improving the separation of waste, by means of door to door collection and a deposit and return system for packaging.

Further information (PDF)

Teaming up to combat climate change (integration of climate variables in the city's educational projects)

Networking initiative to check the city's educational and cultural projects, with the aim of updating them and including climate variables.

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Climate change is changing the planet and it is also changing you (communication plan)

Communication campaign with serious yet optimistic messages focusing on necessary individual responsibility, as well as the city’s international commitments.

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