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First confirmations of BAM 2017

14 July, 2017

BAM, Barcelona Acció Musical, has announced the first bands that will form part of the 2017 line-up. These are 8 bands from the guest city of La Mercè this year: Reykjavík.
The musical proposals from Reykjavík that will be part of BAM are JFDR, Kiasmos, Samaris, Reykjavíkurdætur, Emmsjé Gauti, Ólöf Arnalds, Glowie and Grísalappalísa. Reykjavík is one of the most advanced cities in Europe with an incredibly active and diverse musical scene. Their emerging and international proposals go in line with the spirit of the BAM festival which celebrates its 25th edition this year. There will be eight proposals from the capital of Iceland headed by the techno duet Kiasmos formed by the well-known Ólafur Arnalds along with Janus Rasmussen; The electronic sounds of Samaris; The female collective Reykjavíkurdætur; Rap and rhythm'n'blues by Emmsjé Gauti;  the multi-instrumentalist JFDR; Glowie's pop songs in English; The voice and violin of the indie artist Ólöf Arnalds and finally the unique proposal of Grisalappalísa.