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The Zephyr Bones


pop rock psicodèlia

The Zephyr Bones

The zephyr rode a wave from Chile to the Mediterranean, bringing the beach wave sounds of The Zephyr Bones to our shores. This Chilean-Catalan foursome, based in Barcelona, serve up light, delicate psychedelic pop music. They first became known thanks to the EP Wishes/Fishes (2015), released on cassette by La Castanya. Later, in autumn 2016, they released their goodbye to the summer, which they always evoke in sweet melancholy, the single Black Lips, light years from the garage rock played by the band of that name. The Zephyr Bones are currently working on their debut album, soon to be released, a collection of songs rich in reverb and Wilsonian good vibrations. Autumn will soon be here but, in a certain sense, the summer never ends for The Zephyr Bones.


Monday 25 of September


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