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Tradicional Orient Mitjà


They are three sisters, they all have long hair and their surname is Haim but, unlike the American band Haim, they are known as A-WA, meaning “yes” in Arabic. Israeli with Yemeni roots, they learned popular traditional songs from Yemen from their paternal grandparents. Then, influenced by Ofra Haza (remember Im nin’alu, the international hit put out in the late-eighties by the so-called “Hebrew Madonna”), the three sisters, Tair, Liron and Tagel – the first a musician, the second an architect and the third a graphic designer – fused these sounds with contemporary music, electronica and hip-hop. Discovered by Tomer Yosef, the vocalist with Balkan Beat Box, their international hit Habib galbi has taken them around the world. If what you like most about Omar Souleyman is not the turban and the sunglasses, you'll like A-WA. Yes, yes, yes.


Friday 22 of September


Rambla del Raval