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United Vibrations



United Vibrations

Judging by their name, you would think this was a reggae band, but their music looks, not to the Caribbean, but to Africa. Formed by the brothers Ahmad, Kareem and Yussef Dayes and their friend Wayne Francis, the London quartet approaches jazz from the south, with Ethio jazz and Afrobeat among their main interests. When it comes to more Anglo-Saxon influences, the band dabbles with experimental rock at the point where it enters improv territory, though their voices intone chants or harmonies. United Vibrations have released three EPs and two full albums since they started out in 2009, the second LP entitled The Myth of the Golden Ratio (2016). On all of these discs, their music carries a spiritual message. Perhaps that is why their name reminds us of certain Rastafarian groups.


Saturday 23 of September


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