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Sensible Soccers


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Sensible Soccers

Did you ever play Sensible Soccer, a video game that revolutionised the sector in the 1990s by transferring football into the gamers’ world? Filipe Azevedo, Hugo Alfredo Gomes and Manuel Justo certainly did, for they have named their band in homage to that phenomenon. Based in northern Portugal, the Sensible Soccers serve up pop melodies, but eschew the classical verse-chorus structure, preferring to gradually build up their songs, creating a hypnotic rhythm. Their live shows showcase more energetic, powerful versions of their recorded tracks, including many from the band’s latest album, Villa Soledade (2016). In Barcelona, the Sensible Soccers are on the bill of the Portugal Alive Festival, organised by BAM.


Saturday 23 of September


Plaça Joan Coromines