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Renaldo & Clara



Renaldo & Clara

Lleida exists! So says the pop of Renaldo & Clara. This is music headed by the gentle vocals of Clara Viñals, rich in surprising harmonies and superb tunes, which finds inspiration in such humble yet illustrious styles as the “Donosti Sound” of Le Mans and La Buena Vida, and singles released on the UK indie label Sarah Records. Els afores (2017), the band’s second album after their debut, Fruits del teu bosc (2014), and a number of early EPs, finds them less melancholic and more biting lyrically, so don’t be fooled by Clara Viñals’s sweet voice: the sun has dispelled the mist from the outskirts of Lleida, illuminating her songs.


Sunday 24 of September


Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm