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Pega Monstro


Punk-pop Dream-pop

Pega Monstro

The pega monstro (Portuguese for “monster catcher”) was the version, in Portugal, of the Spanish mano loca (“sticky hand”): a stretchy, sticky toy that was thrown to become attached to some unlucky victim. Adopting this nostalgic name, the sisters Julia and Maria Reis, Lisbon born and bred, formed a vocal duo – they both sing, in unison or in harmony – accompanied by guitar and drums that has been called a “hybrid fusion of punk-pop and dream-pop”. Co-founders of the Cafetra Records label, established to release sounds from the Portuguese garage scene, Pega Monstro will play tracks from their third album, Casa de cima (2016) at the Portugal Alive Festival, organised within the BAM framework.


Saturday 23 of September


Plaça Joan Coromines