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Pablo und Destruktion



Pablo und Destruktion

To understand the music that Pablo und Destruktion makes, it is very useful to try to grasp the concept conveyed in the title of his third album, Vigorexia emocional (2015). The Asturian crooner flexes his emotional muscles to proteic excess, both in the earlier Sangrín (2014) and Animal con parachoques (2012) and on the new album, Predación (2017), which he will present at BAM. The new release is packed with a violent spiritual romanticism —or romantic spirituality—which, the singer-songwriter claims, closes a period that began when Pablo G. Diaz went to Germany and returned as Pablo und Destruktion. So, best not to miss any opportunity to enjoy (or suffer) his intense, emotive live show, whether he plays solo or accompanied by other musicians.


Monday 25 of September


Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm